Things You Wanted to Know About The La Roncaia Winery

La Roncaia is a winery which has been serving the wine which goes beyond the standards of taste and aroma for quite some time now. While it formally came to be known as suchunder the Fantiel Family, an Italian family, the winery has existed and has been functional for more than three decades. Its wines were and are still made from the hand-picked fruits and stored and manufactured in accordance with the old methods with a hint of new.

La Roncaia wine

You may not have heard about it before. But as it with talent and gems- they often go unnoticed in the shadow of the more lucrative and yet find a way to shine their own light. Same is the story of the La Roncaia wine , while they have been making wine of exquisite quality and texture; they have evolved into something more beautiful and elegant under Fantinel family which acquired it in the year 1998.

But of course, not much has changed when you look at the geography of this beautiful winery. The people there are still simple and hard-working and the fruits still bear the mark of the sun and the wind. We are talking about a place called Fuili in Italy. It is the ideal place for someone who likes to take a vacation to someplace quiet and beautiful.

Under the Fantinel Family, and its current winemaker Adriano Coppeti, the quality of wine produced by the La Roncaia winery has only increased over time. It produces a staggering 50,000 bottles of exquisite wine every year which includes wines like Merlot, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Friulano, Sauvignon, Verduzzo Friulano, Ramadolo, and Picolit, the last two being the kings of their cellar.