When it comes to the cross words we do have many newspapers that have them published on daily basis no matter what. The newspapers like New York Times, USA times etc are the ones that have both offline and online presence. These are newspapers who have been regularly creating milestones since the period of 1851 and have won hundreds of rewards and recognition for all the work that they have done.

And when we look back to the history of crossword puzzle answers that are being published in both these newspapers, they have started getting a recognitions since the time of 1920s. These are crosswords that are submitted by some of the freelancers, who then according to the instructions given by the newspapers write to the editor directly for the process. The selection of these crosswords is then done between the submissions that are made by the freelancers, depending on the days of the release of these newspapers.

On some of these days these are crosswords that are completely difficult and generally cater to the advanced and experienced solvers, whereas on the other days is it quite easy to cater those individuals who are fresher’s in these kind of a platform. By this kind of a methodology crossword quiz answers continue to cater to each and every one in world making them feel that they are not left alone.

It is since the year 1993 it was Will Shortz who began to see the section of crosswords and began editing for the same. Crosswords to this have been successful in gaining so much of popularity that even the children of small age do know about it and continue to discuss the same among their friends, relatives and family members. In fact we do have some of the schools and colleges who use crosswords as a benchmark in one of their competitions, motivating the students to come forward and solve the same on regular basis.

Crosswords are not just fun when they are played, but are also played by kids and the ones who are working. They have also been successful in grabbing the attention of the housewives along with the old age people who are suffering from diseases and cannot go out. Crosswords are a part of our lives as some just like to begin their day by solving these puzzles, where as some like to end up their day by comparing their scores among their peers and the other social groups.

Crosswords have turned to be a part of discussion even in the social groups and people love to share about their experiences on the social networking sites. So let’s come forward and give a tribute to all those newspapers and people who have got it to this level.So have you ever played crosswords?? How was your experience while playing?? Do share your thoughts in the comments section given below. We would love to hear things from you.